Bmmk Ratcliffe - Nicholas Digby Ratcliffe, Chairman of BMM RATCLIFFE HOARE , Hong Kong is still owing me commission

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Nicholas still owes me commission from 2005 till now.

He refuses to take my phone calls and ignored my request for payment via mail and email.

The property transacted is Malaysian 1.95 Million. I put in 2 months of hard work.

I also informed him as negotiators I depend on my commission for income. I do not get salary.

All disbursements namely car use, petrol, h/p bills, emails, borne by me.

How can a rich Business man like him cheat a poor lady of what should be due to her.

And he has the money to pay but do not want to.

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I am the Liquidator of BMMK Ratcliffe Horre in Hong Kong . Could you please contact me by email for this case.

My email is



Nick Radcliffe died in London, July 2011, following an illness.

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